Officer Suspensions Dashboard

In an effort to foster transparency, ACT 4 SA has created the Officer Suspension Dashboards for both the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) and Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO). These dashboards house a wealth of suspension and firings data that shed light on the conduct of officers from both departments. Not only do these tools serve as a community “watchdog” for officer behavior, but they also aim to hold officers accountable, deter misconduct, and assist in bettering hiring decisions. Furthermore, they help highlight disciplinary gaps in law enforcement contracts and inform training practices across various crucial areas such as de-escalation and mental health. Please note that while we strive to update our databases regularly, some suspensions may not be represented due to limitations in the data we receive.

It is our full intent to add other local departments such as the Bexar County Constables in the near future.

how to use the dashboard

Access the dashboards

Unveil the disciplinary history of San Antonio Police Department officers. The dashboard, updated frequently with suspension and arbitration data from 2010-2023, serves as a powerful resource for understanding patterns of misconduct and informing law enforcement practices. You can search by officer name, incident type, disciplinary outcomes, or view indefinite suspension data. We continue to work tirelessly to include other local departments for a broader representation. 

Dive into a comprehensive view of officer conduct within the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. Our dashboard presents suspension documents from 2019-2023, enabling insights into policy violations and contributing to improved law enforcement accountability. Filter results by officer name, incident type, disciplinary outcomes, or deputy roles. Stay tuned as we strive to incorporate more local departments in our future updates.