BCSO Suspensions Dashboard

This Officer Suspension Dashboard has been created as an effort to offer further transparency to the public about the conduct of Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) Deputies. We have collected suspension documents from 2015- 2023, and will be updating our data frequently. It should be noted that we have inputted all the data we have received but there may be some suspensions or firings not represented. At this time, we have not received many detailed documents explaining the suspensions or firings represented on this dashboard. These incidents are represented in the ‘Unknown’ incident category. Additionally, this dashboard does not include suspensions issued for purely attendance-based violations or probationary deputy firings. We have maintained the incident categories used in the SAPD dashboard for comparative purposes. BCSO uses a different incident type language than what is represented in this dashboard.

Please note — this dashboard is best viewed on a desktop, laptop or horizontally on a tablet.

how to use the dashboard

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